Judy Bailey's Jazz Connection plays at Lazybones in Marrickville (corner Marrickville and Illawarra Rd) on the 4th Sunday of each month from 6.30pm. 

Foundry 616

Harris St, Sydney

Mon 10th Sept 8pm

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Review by Eric Myers in The Australian, July 28th 2019

Buy this outstanding album for two reasons. First, Judy Bailey’s compositions and arrangements are a valuable addition to her formidable orchestral oeuvre. Her vast knowledge of jazz composition over the last century enables her to creatively revisit many of the sub-styles that have exercised the minds of previous composers. Unlike much ephemeral contemporary music, Bailey’s is art music that will be played and analysed for years to come.


Second, while nominally a training orchestra, Jazz Connection includes young musicians who are playing at such a professional level that they compete vigorously with many of the better-known, more experienced musicians on the scene. I returned compulsively to the three tracks that feature pianist Matt Harris’s immaculate solos. This album features the giants of the future. - Eric Myers

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Another Journey - Live Recordings.
Music for Symphony and Jazz Orchestra by Judy Bailey

Another Journey is a collection of live recordings by ensembles that have worked under the direction of Judy Bailey. The compositions are all originals by Judy. The CD will be officially launched in August 2017 at the Sydney Conservatorium. The double CD is available for $35 (hard copy, delivered) or by digital download for $24.57 ($1.89 per track)

Arrangements of Original Compositions by Judy Bailey


For the very first time, Judy Bailey's original compositions/arrangements are available for purchase. Go to CHARTS

Judy Bailey Presented with Honorary Doctorate from Sydney Conservatorium

Congratulations to Judy for receiving an Honorary Doctorate from Sydney's prestigious Conservatorium of Music in December 2017. Well deserved! Judy is pictured at the ceremony with the Dean of University of Sydney, Linda Reid.

Judy Bailey Inducted into the Bell Awards Hall of Fame


After more than 50 years of doing what she loves, Judy Bailey has been inducted into the Australian Jazz Hall of Fame.

The Lane Cove pianist was given the honour at the Jazz Bell Awards in Melbourne earlier this month and said the induction was a surprise to her.

“I was totally gobsmacked, but it was a lovely surprise and I’m appreciative of the honour,” she said.

Growing up in New Zealand, Bailey was classically trained but fell in love with jazz when she heard it on the radio.

“I kept hearing bits and pieces of this music – I didn’t know what it was called at the time – and kept thinking how wonderful it sounds and how exciting it was,” she said.

“I never lost my love of classical, I just became more and more obsessed with jazz.”

When Bailey moved to Sydney in the 1960s she became involved in the local jazz scene and never looked back.

Bailey has been sharing the spirit of jazz since the 1970s, teaching the next generation of musicians everywhere from Lane Cove West Primary to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

For the past 20 years she has directed the Judy Bailey Jazz Connection featuring Sydney’s finest young players.

“The older generations already­ know about the music, but the younger players are still in the process of learning about it,” she said.

“If you want to keep the art form alive and kicking we need to transmit this information­ to the younger players.”